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Simon Fraser the First University to Accept Bitcoins

28 MAY 2015
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Bitcoins have certainly made an impact in the past year alone—travelling from the murky depths of the internet, to becoming a worldwide recognized currency, and now a method of payment at universities in Canada.

To get students interested in and familiar with digital currency, Simon Fraser University in British Columbia is now accepting Bitcoin transactions through its bookstores. The efforts to make Bitcoin a legitimate form of currency for the school came from the institution’s student-led Bitcoin club.

Simon Fraser already made headlines last year when they became one of the first universities to accept Bitcoin donations.

To help make Bitcoin transaction and education easier, Simon Fraser has also alluded that they will be installing Bitcoin vending machines on campus. Students can either use existing Bitcoins to make transactions, or exchange physical money for digital Bitcoins.

Do you think paying for education with Bitcoins is a trend that will catch on?

Source: The Toronto Star