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Silicon Valley Brings Education Technology Up to Speed

13 JAN 2015
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Silicon Valley is home to self-made billionaires and major companies such as Facebook, Intel, Apple and Adobe. As a result, the area hires new grads from all across the country – and the world. While education apps and programs are not as big of money makers as consumer software, Silicon Valley has seen a huge rise in focus for education-based program development.

A small sector of Silicon Valley is devoted to creating education apps which they hope will  be picked up and funded by public schools. One example of an app created for the education world is “Remind” – a way for students to receive reminders on their phones from their teachers about homework due that night. The app now has 23 million users, and most of this appeal is due to the real-time aspect of the application. It goes to show that if an education app has a useful concept, it can mean big earnings.

Because of the great profits that can be made, we will see Silicon Valley investing more time into education apps – which is only better for our students!

Source: New York Times