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Shortage of Education Assistants in Northern Canada

26 NOV 2014
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Sign along the Yukon River welcoming visitors to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

If you can brave cold winters, little sunlight and a few less shopping malls, working as a teacher in Northern Canada can pay big time. But Whitehorse in particular has been struck with a shortage of education assistant for special education children. Recently, the CBC reported a Whitehorse father who is distraught that his autistic daughter, who had an education assistant in kindergarten, is suddenly not being provided one this year.

“I fully expect my daughter to complete high school, go on to university and get a degree and be a contributing member to society and she’s being held back by our education system.”

And the education board has done little to help. These reports come only a month after Tara Goodwin-Chief reported that her autistic son had an education assistant for several years, but this year is not being provided one. It would appear that cutbacks at the education board have eliminated many assistant positions, leaving parents wondering how their children can continue to thrive in school without the necessary aid.