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Shelley’s Hair, Bronte’s First Book: British Library Releases 1200 Literary Treasures

7 NOV 2014
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Dublin, Ireland - January 03: Shelves in The Long Roomin Trinity

After a survey which showed that 82% percent of high school students found it hard to relate to classic authors, the British Library decided to release a new Victorian and Romantics section for its website. Material is sourced from original manuscripts, museums, diaries, letters, newspaper clippings and photographs, and gives a new, human insight into the lives of these famous authors.

Manuscripts from authors like Dickens, Keats, Shelley, Wilde and Austen are a part of the 1200 documents released. There is also the earliest manuscript from Charlotte Bronte—a children’s story, handwritten and illustrated by the Jane Eyre author in her younger days. The collection also includes locks of Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley’s hair and press coverage of Oscar Wilde’s trial.

The collection hopes to help children enjoy reading English authors, and that it will “help bring to life some of the greatest pieces of literature of our time”. The collection can be viewed online at the British Library website.

Source: The Guardian