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Scotiabank Donates 100K To Help Low-Income Students in Ottawa

9 APR 2015
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Scotiabank recently made a generous donation of $100,000 to the Pathways for Education program in Ottawa, putting a much-needed spotlight on this incredible nation-wide organization.

The goal of Pathways for Education is to reduce high school dropout rates in low-income communities, while also reducing the amount of young offenders. The program is not just a financial support—it offers both social support and academic support to struggling students.

While students may not realize it in the moment, dropping out of high school can have a large impact on the rest of their life. It costs them the chance at continuing education, and also drastically lowers their chances at earning a higher income. Poverty is unfortunately the root cause for many students dropping out.

Since Pathways for Education began, the high school dropout rate has decreased by 70%.

To find out more about Pathways for Education, click here.

Source: Ottawa Citizen