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Scientists Equate Lack of Education with Lifelong Smoking

22 JUL 2015
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A study performed by New York University, University of Colorado, and the University of North Carolina has lead to results which suggest that those who drop out of high school are dying off at the same rate as smokers.

Some reasons for this include:

  • Educated people are more likely to be aware of healthy habits and healthy diets
  • The educated are more likely to seek medical help and advice

The study calls for a greater emphasis on encouraging young people to finish school, or to encourage those who have dropped out years ago to go back and get their diploma.

Studies such as this also put a greater emphasis on the consequences of not finishing school. Many studies in the past have come to conclusions such as:

  • High unemployment rates
  • Less pay
  • More reliance on social assistance
  • Greater chance of crime and imprisonment

How can high schools ensure more of their students graduate?

Source: Yahoo News