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Certain Schools More Prone to Developing Notorious Cliques?

12 NOV 2014
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Mean Girls was a wildly successful movie, mainly because it so greatly spoke to its generation about the ways of the high school world. The environment of students sorting themselves into “groups” based off their looks, interests and background has long been a commonplace in high schools, but anyone who has moved around may notice that this is not a standard for every school. A sociological study had recently pinpointed the reason why some schools are more prone to developing cliques than others.

It turns out that the school makeup itself is a main reason. Schools which offer more clubs, elective choices etc. are more likely to encourage students to divide up by ethnicity, age, gender and social status. In schools with fewer options for division, students are forced to mingle with a greater selection of people.

Likewise, in schools where academics were a very strong focus, teenagers were less likely to base friendships on social attitudes. Friendships were more likely to be based on school activities and similar “intellectual” interests.

Source: Huffington Post