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Schools Need More Computer Science Education, Earlier

7 JUL 2015
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James Flynn, a former resident of Newfoundland and current University of Toronto student says that had he learned computer science skills earlier on in life, he would have taken programming in university.

Despite the growing demand of programming and other computer science-related professionals, some provinces are lacking in terms of high school computer education. Flynn says that Newfoundland is one of those places.

About HTML courses offered in today’s school, he said, “People don’t take it because they want to learn computer science, they take it because they want to do nothing in class.”

Flynn is now the founder of Code NL, where he and other programmers are rallying to improve computer education in Newfoundland schools. According to him, only 22 students graduated from Memorial University’s computer science program this year. Paired with Newfoundland’s high unemployment rate (13.9%), it seems that the lack of computer science education is holding today’s students back from future career options. Computer science careers are estimated to have about 1.4 million job openings by 2020.

How do you think high schools can implement better computer science programs?

Source: CBC News