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What Does School Expulsion Really Achieve?

4 NOV 2014
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does expulsion work?

Back in elementary and high school, expulsion was pretty much the worst punishment for a student’s bad behaviour. Second would come suspension, which unlike expulsion, was only a temporary ban from school. Expulsion is used in cases of:

  • Serious violence
  • Racially-aggravated offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Sexual assault

…and other similarly serious acts. After being expelled, a student has to sign up at another school–but does banning the student from school really change their point of view? For the most part, no. If such a serious offense is committed once, there are chances it will happen again, unless there is real rehabilitation.

At a school in Colorado, the students are not expelled, but rather placed in a 4×6 room to study during school hours. This alternative to expulsion was developed to curb high school dropout rates, to great success. The dropout rate at the Colorado school decreased from 13% to 2% in just one year.

The tactic hasn’t come without criticism. Some parents felt as though they should have been warned, and even more, given a say in the form of punishment being used for children. Parents complained for the removal of doors from the 4×6 rooms. The school points out that students are not treated poorly: they are placed in the room for a maximum of four hours, get exercise twice daily and eat lunch with the other students.

Source: Huffington Post