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School Embraces Video Games as an Educational Tool

5 SEP 2014
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With cut backs on recess time in recent years, discussion about the importance of play in a child’s education and development has been a hot topic.

Considering the high level of engagement kids have with video games, New York school Quest to Learn has decided to entwine video gaming with learning. The school offers courses at the middle and high schools levels, which include video gaming and technology as a basis for teaching. For an example of the curriculum, we’ll look at the school’s grade six program design.

The grade six program involves a focused section called Integrated Design and Media Arts, where students learn the fundamentals of game design. Students first start with simple board game development, and eventually learn the design techniques of platform-style games and physics-based games by the end of the year.

Paired with the Quest to Learn school’s technique, is the reality that coding is more commonly becoming a language used in everyday life. Many students and adults alike do not know how to code, or even how computers work at the basic function. Considering how big of a role computers currently play in our everyday lives, and will continue to, we will start to see a shift towards more technology-based higher education courses. If computers are their future, then it is necessary for youth to recognize their function and capabilities.

Certain post-secondary programs are also using video game technology in their teaching, like Automotive Training Centre’s Game Based Automotive Technology training program. This training functions via ARGO–a learning platform which utilizes today’s video game technology in order to visually demonstrate the interior workings of a vehicle.

Do you think technology-focused teaching is an equally valuable education? What could this mean for the future of post-secondary schooling?

Source: CBC