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Samsung “Smart Learning” Digital Education Store Opens in India

3 SEP 2014
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Samsung Digital Education Store

Samsung has introduced new approaches to education in India, through the means of digital schooling. The company’s Smart Learning store will provide best-in-class interactive study materials to supplement the studies of 70 million students in the 1-12 grades.

The digital education store will sell tablets with educational software curated by leading academic partners of Samsung. The software is said to have a focus on skill building and problem solving learning material.

The opening of this store is the gateway to a future of digital learning platforms. Already, 7,000 stores in India are equipped to sell the digital education software on their tablets, with plans to expand on this number. The content of these tablets include tutoring courses, along with e-books, high-quality videos and study content for various higher education entrance exams.

This type of digital education is the first of its kind in India, and is a prototype for the kind of education landscape that could become standard in the next 5-10 years. In other parts of the world, digital education has similarly seen an increase in popularity, with textbooks and tutoring done largely via technology.

How do you feel about digital curriculums? What is there to be lost and gained from using technology for learning?

Source: Financial Express