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The Rise and Success of “YouTube Teachers”

26 JUN 2015
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If YouTube has proven anything, it’s that people love watching videos. Since its incarnation 10 years ago, YouTube has been the go-to website for video ranging from pet videos, to music videos, to movie trailers, to celebrity interviews, and so on. There are hundreds of other categories of videos listed on the website.

One surprising finding is that, despite the undying reputation of YouTube hosting the funniest pet videos, education videos actually trump that category in viewership. And it’s not just Khan Academy—which admittedly has a whopping 2.2 million subscriber. Other educational institutions and non-profits offer education videos through YouTube. Many MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) host their videos on YouTube, making these high quality productions available to all.

Author John Green also hosts his own educational channel called CrashCourse. Other popular YouTube channels include Veritasium, hosted by Derek Muller, and VSauce, hosted by Michael Stevens.

While YouTube will certainly not replace face to face teaching anytime soon, it does serve as a great complementary tool to in-class education. Now, when students are stuck with homework, or have difficulty understand a concept, they can turn to YouTube, and in most cases find the solution.

Source: Forbes