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Rio to Teach English to 450,000 Olympic Volunteers Before 2016

12 JAN 2015
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Brazilian and Rio de Janeiro resident Enio Ohmaye has experienced the benefits of knowing English for his career in the US. After years working abroad at both IBM and Apple, Ohmaye is ready to return to Rio for the purpose of teaching English to Brazilian Olympic volunteers – many who are students. He has partnered with the Olympic Committee to create an online learning platform for these volunteers to learn English so that they can provide better service to other countries at the 2016 Olympics.

Rather than leaving behind an empty Olympic village at the end of the 2016 summer games, Ohmaye plans to leave behind a “legacy of education”. The Ministry of Education in Rio has also joined in on the project. Although the courses are offered free to the volunteers for now (all 450,000 of them), Ohmaye hopes to extend the program to serve the entire population of Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Wired