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Researchers Discover Chocolate Boosts Memory

29 OCT 2014
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Researchers Discover Chocolate Boosts Memory

A three month study has shown that those who consumed drinks rich in flavanols (chemicals in cacao beans) improved their memory by several decades. The test was performed on 50-69 year old subjects, who drank 900 milligrams of flavanols each day, compared to another subject group which drank just 10 milligrams a day. High flavanol drinkers were shown to have 20% more blood flowing to a particular section of the brain called the hippocampi. This region of the brain has been linked to age-related memory decline.

Flavanols are a chemical found in foods such as green tea, blueberries, cacao beans and red wine. You may remember having heard that red wine is good for your cholesterol. Foods with high amounts of flavanols are known to reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes.

This type of research is becoming more prevalent as the population ages. For students, the memory-enhancing properties of chocolate might just be another good reason to drink hot chocolate. Consumers should be warned however, because candy bars like Snickers actually contain very little cacao, as it has been highly processed. Also, cacao must be consumed in large quantities (900mg!) in order to really show any difference in memory. The best chocolate option is always dark chocolate, or pure cacao powder.

Source: NY Times