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UN Reports Shows That Education Goals for 2015 Have Not Been Met

15 APR 2015
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The UN’s 15-year universal education plan set at the turn of millennium has failed to meet its target goals. As of the beginning of 2015, only one third of the 164 countries who pledged to meet UN education targets have been successful.

The Philippine government has stood up and admitted that they have been too slow to achieve these goals. That being said, the country foresees meeting these goals within the next several years.

Perhaps the biggest shock is that 21 million children in the Middle East and Africa are still without a basic primary education. This means that yet another generation of children are missing out on the opportunity to learn, grow as people, and help revolutionize the industries and governments in their countries.

Many countries have been unable to meet these goals due to the prominence of war—especially in countries such as Syria and Iraq, where once high enrollment rates have dwindled due to fears of safety. While primary education is still present, much of this education is now taking place in refugee camps with limited resources. In these war ravaged areas, girls are also 25% less likely to attend school than boys.

The report concluded that there are currently 100 million students who aren’t completing primary education.

As for successes, the UN found that adult illiteracy has actually decreased 14%, there are more teachers available than ever before, and 50 million more children are enrolled in school than in 1999. Despite the fact that many countries have not reached their 15-year goals, there is more pressure than ever for countries to make education a priority–and it’s working.

Source: CTV News