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Report Shows the Highest Achieving U.S. Universities

26 SEP 2014
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Report Shows the Highest Achieving U.S. Universities

After a report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, it has been found that universities which have the best academic scores are located above the Mason-Dixon line.

The Mason-Dixon line, which is located along the borders of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia, is considered the cultural borderline between the North and the South of America. The best academic achievement came from Northeastern states like New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, whereas the lowest scoring states included much of the American South, with the worst scorers being Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico.

The study also looked at academic achievement of low-income students, and the results changed quite drastically. Florida, Texas and Colorado were states with the highest achieving low-income students. They were however still outranked just barely by northeastern states like Massachusetts and Maryland.

The high achievements of New England states might have much to do with the fact that the country’s longest-running academic facilities are located here, including Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

Source: Huffington Post