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Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking Turns 73!

8 JAN 2015
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It was 27 years ago that A Brief History of Time was published – a book which made science accessible to the masses. It was a revolutionary piece of literature that taught everyone and anyone the essentials of cosmology, the big bang and black holes – and as a testament to its power, spent four years on London’s bestseller list.

Stephen Hawking was an avid learner in his youth, and to this day holds degrees in cosmology and physics from Oxford and Cambridge – two of the most prestigious and competitive higher education institutions in the world. Officially diagnosed with ALS while at Oxford, Hawking has stated that his predicted life expectancy of two years gave him motivation to deeply pursue his studies. Of course, doctor’s predictions turned out to be untrue, as Mr. Hawking now celebrates his 73rd birthday today!

From his many decades of research, Hawking’s most influential discovery to date is “Hawking Radiation”. During his research on Black Holes in the 1970s, Hawking found that Black Holes are not vacuums – radiation can in fact escape the gravitation force of a dead star.

Among his many years scientific research, here are some other cool facts about Stephen Hawking:

  • He co-wrote a children’s book with his daughter
  • Received mediocre grades in high school
  • Was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death
  • He was once a guest star on Star Trek
  • He has chosen to keep his speech synthesizer as an American accent

In honour of Stephen Hawking’s birthday, Discovery will be airing the biographical film Hawking (2004) this Saturday!