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Reduce Final Exam Stress With These 3 Study Tips

24 NOV 2015
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As the holiday season approaches, so do final exams, and many students are feeling less-than-festive right about now. Exam stress is a reality that a lot of postsecondary students face, and learning to cope with it can be an extremely valuable asset. Late-night cramming sessions have become the norm, but here are a few ways that college and university students can get through exam season without losing too much sleep or sanity:

1) Avoid Stressed People

Exams are a huge conversation topic amongst students around this time of year, but hanging out with people who are constant reminders of how overwhelming it all is won’t be very helpful. Excessive complainers can give students the impression that they are more behind than they actually are, and this just piles stress upon stress.

2) Remember the 80/20 Rule

Trying to remember course material from an entire semester can be a daunting task. Students who follow the 80/20 rule focus 80 per cent of their effort on the top 20 per cent most important concepts, themes, or ideas of their exam content, and only 20 per cent of their effort on the 80 per cent least important materials. It’s a great way to add structure and balance to study sessions.

3) Take a Day off

Sometimes, the mind just won’t retain information. When a student’s minds wanders, long hours of reading can actually be counterproductive. A day off in the middle of exam periods can actually refresh the mind, making subsequent study sessions much more powerful.


Source: The Globe and Mail