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Reddit for Credit?

29 AUG 2014
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Reddit for Credit 2

If you’re internet savvy—in fact if you use the internet at all, you have probably heard of Reddit. The social news and networking site is often the first place world events are given light by users from all over the world. Given the huge social presence of Reddit within the past five years alone (its creation was in 2005), it’s no surprise that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will soon begin to offer a course on the website, for now nicknamed “Reddit for Credit”.

Huffington Post reports the details of MIT’s newest course, from the man behind all the hype. Course creator and teacher Chris Peterson has reassured any who might be confused about the educational value of a class on Reddit, that its foundations are rooted in concepts already taught in university courses.

“One of the things we try to do in this class is make sure people understand that the technology they use in their daily lives is rooted very deeply in important social issues.”

The class will apparently be based on the study of psychology and social theory, while also focusing on data analysis and teaching students how to gather information from large databases and perform statistical studies.

The Reddit for Credit course demonstrates a growing trend in professors creating courses inspired by of-the-moment developments in the world. Meanwhile, it is refreshing to see universities successfully adapting to an increasingly prominent internet realm.  Peterson has even asked students for suggestions on his syllabus, and it’s certain he’s received overwhelming response.

What is your relationship to Reddit, and what importance do you think lies in studying social media websites?

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