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Record Number of Female University Entrants in 2014

19 DEC 2014
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The largest gender gap in history has been recorded after looking back at the UK’s 2014 university entrants. Along with this, a record 500,000 students entered university in Britain this past year. With the growing importance of a post-secondary education (specifically an undergraduate) as a necessity to get a high paying job in today’s world, the pressure to be accepted to university is higher than ever.  The UK government prides itself on being one of the first governments to lift the limit on student entrants.

Among 18 year olds, 34% of women were allocated places, compared to 24% of men. The research also showed that students with lower grades are getting accepted into university, lowering the sometimes incredible high standards and making higher education more accessible to everyone.  It is said that the gap is the equivalent of 32,000 “missing” males from the higher education system.

In Canada, the situation is very similar. StansCan provides a few reasons as to the gender imbalance:

  • Boys have more health problems at birth than females
  • Boys have more learning and behavioural problems in the early childhood ages
  • Boys also lag developmentally in social and motor skills.
  • Teenage girls perform better in reading and writing skills than boys.

Despite this, boys perform better in science, computer skills and economics than females. The act of applying for university however is very writing-heavy, which may disadvantage many male applicants.

Source: BBC News