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Scouting Tech Talent As Early as High School

28 OCT 2014
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With high competition to snag the newest talent in Silicon Valley, some companies like Facebook Inc. have begun recruiting future employees as early as high school. Facebook has followed a new trend of hiring young, technically talented interns during the summer years of their high school education. With younger people being introduced to technology earlier in life than any generation before, the talent potential is greater than ever.

Starting early turns out to not be such a bad idea. As paid interns are becoming a thing at start-ups, it is becoming standard that they receive free housing, transportation, and salaries of over $5,000 a month. Interns at Twitter and Facebook are high on the pay scale ($6,000+), while interns at Apple, Google and Adobe make upwards of $5,000.

The benefits that come with working for youth-oriented companies like start-ups means that interns get perks like the company paying to fly their parents out to them, free concerts, and in some cases even laundry service. Of course, these companies encourage interns to complete a college degree before working with them. Google even requires that their employees are at least college freshman age.

Source: Mashable