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Rainbow Academy Goes Above & Beyond to Prepare Children for School

13 NOV 2015
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Established in 2004, Rainbow Academy in Bolton, Ontario, offers a curriculum for toddlers and young children that far exceeds what you’d expect from a child care center. Rainbow Academy’s mission? To go beyond providing basic child care services, by offering each child the education, support, and opportunities they will need to succeed in school.

The center’s programs are constantly evolving, and it has recently launched several new programs that include arts and crafts, music lessons, and specialized instruction in math and science. The unique learning opportunities offered by Rainbow Academy’s curriculum, is unlike anything else parents will find from other child care centers in the area. Every program is designed to encourage children to take risks, learn to express themselves and work co-operatively with one another.

To keep youngsters energized and alert, Rainbow Academy also offers a nutritious breakfast and lunch, along with two healthy snacks per day. Parents receive a copy of each month’s menu, so they can rest assured their children are well-fed and in good hands.

Source: Caledon Enterprise