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Quebec School Board Under Fire After Student Strip Searched at School

18 FEB 2015
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While we normally associate the hostile act of strip searching to extreme cases in airports, or prison, a 15 year-old Quebec City high schooler was reportedly strip searched in her school. Suspected of selling drugs, the young girl was searched by two teachers.

The 15 year old was apparently not given permission to call her mother before the search, and the family is now considering legal action. Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc has defended the strip search, saying that it is completely within the law, and can be administered by school staff with probable cause.

However, many are arguing that this is an issue of social and civil rights. When do we draw the line between teaching and policing – and should strip searches really be allowed in schools? A spokesman for the Montreal School Board commented that measures like what happened in Quebec City have not been heard of in Montreal, and that such matters would be dealt with by the police, not teachers.

Source: CBC News