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Quebec English-Language School Teachers Vote ‘Yes’ to Strike

28 SEP 2015
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On Strike

Just last week, teachers unions  in all the English-language school boards across greater Montreal voted in favour of a strike mandate in order to send a message to the Quebec government regarding contract negotiations. Teachers will strike for six non-consecutive days. While they have yet to determine when they will be using their first strike day, CBC reports it will likely take place sometime after the federal election on October 19.

Participating School Boards

The Montreal school boards that have voted ‘yes’ to a strike mandate include:

  • EMSB
  • Riverside School Board
  • Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board
  • New Frontiers School Board
  • Eastern Townships Schools Bord
  • John Abbott College
  • Vanier College

Points of Contention

The government is demanding reduced programs for special-needs children, the implementation of a 40-hour work week, increased student-teacher ratios, a two-year salary freeze and cuts to employee pension plans. However, teachers are not standing for such demands, insisting that the government has gone too far.

LaSalle teacher Alisha Tathgur told Global News: “It affects our classroom sizes and as a whole affects the education system in a really negative way.”

The work-to-rule action has led most schools to cancel almost all of their extra-curricular activities. Educators, as well as parents, know that this is a small (and short-term) price to pay in order to achieve long-term gains.

Union head Peter Sutherland told CBC news: “A strike mandate hopefully will send a clear message that we don’t accept what they are demanding.”

An estimated 275,000 students in the Montreal area are expected to be affected by this strike. And of course, parents will be notified approximately seven days before every strike day in order to have enough time to prepare.

What are your thoughts on this strike?


Source: Global News