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Publishers to Offer Literary Classics to UK Schools At Low Prices!

19 NOV 2015
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“We want every pupil to have the chance to be taught and read a wide range of literary classics which can inspire a lifelong love of reading. Access to these wonderful novels shouldn’t be the preserve of the few,” said schools minister Nick Gibb when he challenged publishing houses to make classic novels available to UK schools at lowers prices.

As every book-lover knows, such classics include the likes of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, To Kill a Mockingbird and more—novels that have sparked the interest of many students, inspiring their love of books at an early age.

In response to Gibb’s challenge, various publishers are currently in discussions with the UK Department of Education about the books they will offer at low costs. Currently, Penguin has suggested 100 classic titles that it will be able to sell at lower prices. In addition, Scholastic has put forth 26 books that the company will be selling to schools for the small price of £1.50 per copy.

If more publishers follow suite, UK school libraries will be fully stocked with wonderful classics in no time!

Source: The Guardian