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New Project by McMaster Students at the Ontario Science Center

17 APR 2015
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Following in the footsteps of students from OCAD, York University, Ryerson, McGill and UBC, cultural studies students from McMaster University recently set up an exhibition at the Ontario Science Center. “The Archive of Everyday Life” as it’s been called, is a display of objects and experiences from everyday life that students have reflected on and displayed in a manner that shows this reflection. The exhibit is designed to question the power of archiving in preserving history.

An example of one exhibit is “Saturated Threads: Nagymama’s Kötött Archiv”, a collection of one student’s knitted gifts from her late grandmother—which shows the lasting power of a loved one’s handicraft work.

This exhibit can be found in the Idea Gallery of the Ontario Science Center. Since its origins in 2005, the Idea Gallery has been an open space for post-secondary institutions to showcase student work that has a pertinent and powerful message, and the ability to teach others.

The exhibit will run until May 24th.

Source: University Affairs