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Primary Schools In England Abandon Full Summer Break

25 AUG 2015
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BBC has reported that two primary schools in Lincolnshire, England, have traded in the traditional six week summer break for a much shorter, four-week one.

The students at both White’s Wood and Mercer Wood primary schools (both part of Tall Oaks Academy Trust) have returned to their lessons last week, after a four week holiday that began mid-July. Additional weeks off will instead be added in the months of September, November and May.

The schools have stated that this change was implemented as a way to help improve learning as well as to enable parents to spend more time with their children during peak holiday times.

Parents Agree With the Holiday Change

In an interview with BBC, Sharon Close, executive principal at Tall Oaks Academy Trust stated: “It’s a big break and parents are telling us that, after four weeks, they would like their children to come into school, so we are responding to that.”

Most parents seem to have welcomed the change, as they are in agreement with the shorter break. This is mainly because young children tend to grow bored during the standard six week break.

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Source: BBC