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Personalized Learning Plan: Facebook Partners with Summit Public Schools For Its Latest Innovation

3 SEP 2015
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High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops

In a partnership with Summit Public Schools—a charter management organization with schools in California and Washington—Facebook has created a new online personalized learning tool called the Personalized Learning Plan. And, the company is planning to give the tool to any public school who wants it, free of charge!

The Personalized Learning Plan tool is a newer version of the online learning tool that Summit Schools were previously using. In collaboration with Summit Schools, a group of engineers at Facebook have been working to rebuild the tool and developed its technology. The tool enables students to organize their daily work and put it into context in relation to their established long-term goals.

Click here to see a visual sample of the Personalized Learning Tool!

Summit Schools: A Different Learning Experience

Summit Schools function a little differently than traditional institutions. Instead of lecturing students in the classroom, these schools have taken a 21st century approach to learning, delivering all class materials and assignments online.

So what do Summit Schools students spend their class time doing?

Facebook’s News Room explains what goes on in the classroom of a Summit School, stating that “classroom time is reserved for teacher-led real-world projects and collaboration.” Students work with teachers to set long-term goals for themselves and then establish a plan to help them achieve these goals. Throughout the school year, students are encouraged to stay on track of their aspirations by connecting each of their daily decisions to their long-term goals.

What’s most impressive about Summit Schools is that their approach to learning has proven to be highly effective. In fact, they continue rank as some of the best schools in California as most of their graduates are accepted into multiple colleges and universities.


Source: Business Insider