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Park in Winnipeg To Be Named After Malala

24 JUL 2015
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The love for Malala has no end. The 18 year old Noble Peace Prize recipient and girls’ education rights activist is slotted to have her own park named after her in Winnipeg, Canada.

Winnipeg’s Pakistani Business Association put forward the motion for a new park in the city two years ago, to service the significant Pakistani population living there. The new Malala Park would be located in the South Winnipeg St. Vital area. The final proposal will be announced before city hall in September.

Malala sent a video message expressing her appreciation and honour for having a park named after her:

It’s a great honour for me that a park is being named after me in Canada. I’m hopeful that we will be able to bring change in society, but we can do that when we come together. Thank you so much.”

What other world activists do you think deserve an honour in the form of a park or monument in Canada?

Source: CTV News