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Parents More Worried About University than Students?

26 NOV 2014
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Woman Helping Daughter with Homework

Despite 75% of students being happy with their major life decisions so far, 7 out of 10 parents worry about the decisions being made by their children. This means that for nearly ever student who is happy about their decision, there is a parent that lacks confidence in them. Where does this lack of confidence of our parents stem from?

A study carried out by Coventry University and the National Citizen Service shows that these fears stem from parental regret. 90% of parents wished they had done things differently in their teen years, and a quarter of those surveyed wished they had studied harder at school. A third of parents wished they had spent more time thinking about their career path. Surprisingly, more than half of those surveyed believed they were powerless in the decision-making of their child.

Teenagers are becoming more responsible for their future, as university degrees become more and more necessary to get a job. What parents must do is to remind children what negative or positive impact their decisions could have on their future.

Source: The Telegraph