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Oregon Selling Forests to Fund Education

15 DEC 2014
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Oregon landscape - Crown Point Columbia river

Oregon is a state known for its capital Portland, breweries and amazing nature scenery. Some examples of the beautiful landscape to check out while in Oregon include Crater Lake, Multnomah Falls and the famous Hells Canyon. With such an abundance of greenery, it doesn’t seem surprising that the state has recently come up with an idea to sell off a section of forest (92k acres!) to raise money for education.

Logging used to be a common practice in Oregon’s coastal forests until recently, when environmental groups brought awareness of the damage it caused to the coastal ecosystem. The timber sales at the time used to provide the state with education funding, and provided the state $100 million between 1997-2012. The forest is now instead open to bids from private investors (no logging allowed), for which the money will go into a public education fund while also preserving the land.

Bids are expected to begin in 2016.

Source: Education News