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Are We Oppressing Creativity by Promoting Literacy in Children?

27 OCT 2015
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Author of War Horse Michael Morpurgo believes that we should be prioritizing creativity over literacy when it comes to teaching children to read. He says that children should be motivated to explore their creativity, and while ‘literacy’ is in fact important it refers mostly to the technical aspects of writing and excludes other important factors like poetry, stories and drama.

The Telegraph reports that the English book author deems the Government responsible for threatening “to stifle the next generation of storytellers,” because it is preoccupied with improving literacy.

So, what exactly is ‘literacy’?

72-year-old Morpurgo says it is a way for teachers and politicians to measure a student’s outcomes, stating: “Everyone is fixated on this idea about measuring what a child learns in terms of being able to satisfy the examiners tomorrow.”

How do we rectify the power struggle between literacy and creativity?

Creativity occurs when children are presented with the opportunity to be creative. Therefore, Morpurgo suggests that thirty minutes at the end of each day be dedicated to reading and ‘story making.’

Do you think our current obsession with promoting literacy is stifling creativity?


Source: The Telegraph