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Ontario Has Launched A Huge Online Portal for College and Uni Students!

9 OCT 2015
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This week, the Canadian province launched an online education portal called eCampus Ontatrio. Post-secondary students can use this portal to gain access to tons of thousands of online college and university courses—expanding one’s education has never been easier for Ontarians!

So what does this web portal entail? Approximately 13,000 online courses that students can access and complete from the comfort of their own homes. The portal also includes:

  • A searchable catalogue of courses
  • Access to academic and technical support
  • Features to easily identify credit transfer information
  • Resources for faculty
  • Access to courses with transferable credits between participating institutions

Participating institutions include all 45 of Ontario’s publically-assisted colleges and universities that offer online courses. The province is investing $72 million over five years into the eCampus Ontario project.

Would you like your province/state to create an education portal similar to this one?


Source: Ontario Newsroom