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Obama’s Immigration Plan to Aid Second Generation Students

21 NOV 2014
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Last night Obama made a fifteen minute speech to the country, in an effort to fix “America’s broken immigration system”. He notes that immigrants greatly add to the value of the US, and illegal immigrants are forced to live in the shadows despite wanting desperately to add to the fruitfulness of America.

The president’s new plan aims to make certain temporary visa holders eligible for work, and to also expand the amount of visas given out to foreign workers. This aid will also be extended to these worker’s children. According to the Huffington Post, children with at least one undocumented parent account for 6.9 of the K-12 population in the US, and most of these children were born in the US. Obama’s new immigrant protocols have been said will help create a more nurturing home for the children of illegal immigrants, who currently must live in relative hiding to avoid deportation.

As for schoolchildren who come to the country as illegal immigrants themselves, little is being said about how these laws will affect their status further in life as they try to get jobs.

Source: Huffington Post