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Obama Introduces New Free Community College Proposal

16 JAN 2015
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Two year colleges may soon see a revolution many would have never thought possible in the downtrodden higher education atmosphere of the US. That is, free tuition – a concept proposed by Obama in the New Year to help students in the country get the education to find a career without sacrificing all of their money on a university degree.

The atmosphere of a community college can vary – some may be geared more towards student out of high school, others may be more geared towards mature students who have come back to school either for a career change or update their qualifications.

There are some issues regarding “free” tuition. Many have speculated that college may raise their tuition in order to absorb free money from the government – although there will likely be laws in place against this.

Experts are predicting that this free tuition would cause a spike in college application rates – a good thing – but others are worried that the quality of community college classes may actually decrease with the proposal.

Source: The Economist