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Nepal Earthquake Destroys Nearly 5,000 Schools

1 MAY 2015
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With last week’s devastating earthquake in Nepal, the organization Save the Children has estimated that 5,000 schools have been destroyed or damaged. Sarah Ireland, Humanitarian Advocacy Manager for Save the Children in Nepal has said that the devastation of schools “threatens to deprive thousands of children of their basic right to education for months, or even years to come”.

While life in Nepal is starting to go back to normal—shops are opening, people are trying to return to daily life—school has been put on hold while people try to rebuild their homes and communities. But Save the Children has said that a normal routine school environment is just the thing to help the thousands of children who have been psychologically affected by the devastation.

Save the Children is currently distributing aid in areas like the Kathmandu Valley and Korkha. As of now, the organization estimates that approximately 3.2 million children are in need of assistance. Other organizations such as World Vision, UNICEF and Oxfam are all in Nepal providing humanitarian support at this time.

Source: Save the Children