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National Chief Election Determines the Fate of Education Bill C-33

8 DEC 2014
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No matter what the result, Bill C-33 as it is, is considered dead. All three candidates for the position of National Chief—Ghislain Picard, Perry Bellegarde and Leon Jourdain, have stated their intent to reset the bill and start over with negotiations.

Last May, former National Chief Shawn Atleo resigned from his position after receiving heavy criticism from First Nations leaders after he voiced his support for Bill C-33.

New chief candidates have stated they wish to work with the bill, rather than try to fund new legislation which would cost money and show the same results (under funding of First Nations education). Many First Nations groups are actually against scrapping the legislation altogether, because although Bill C-33 was controversial, it was still better than the status quo.

The bill was originally slated to:

  • Provide 1.25 billion to indigenous education over 3 years, starting in 2016.
  • Would align on-reserve education with provincial standards.

Issues with the original bill were:

  • Does not give First Nations control over their own education.
  • First Nations do not get control over the distribution of funds.
  • Did not support immersion of First Nations culture and language into regular curriculum.

The Assembly of First Nations election will be held December 10th.

Source: The Hill Times