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New Museum of Public Schooling Opens in Toronto

22 JUN 2015
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Have you ever wondered what school was like 100 years ago? What materials were used, what children learned about? Now you can, with a new Toronto District School Board museum set up in the city’s Eastern Commerce Collegiate.

Items such as Norman Bethune’s name on a 1901 attendance roll, a record called “Facts About Venereal Disease” from the 1950s, and taxidermy and wet specimens are all objects which have been found and included in this museum.

There is also a calculator from 1893, weighing 75 pounds and capable of adding and subtracting. There’s also an impressive piano, which was crafted so deaf students could lie down and hear the vibrations. Also in the museum is an old board trustee chair—which looks more like a throne.

The TDSB museum contains the largest public education collection in all of Canada. The museum is free for all, though reservations are required for viewing.

Do you think education museums are valuable? What can they teach today’s students?

Source: National Post