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More Parents Hiring Private Tutors for Their Children

24 APR 2015
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In today’s academic environment, an 80% average just isn’t enough. Some teachers and parents blame grade inflation, others blame the school system for teaching easier content. Either way, the numbers needed to make it into today’s universities are only getting higher, leading many parents to believe that their children will only get ahead of the pack through extra teaching.

While the average grade of the university applicant in 2012 was 85%, some specialized programs in Canada’s top universities are now requiring a 90% average.

Most parents believe that tutors undoubtedly help improve academic standing, yet there have been few studies to prove their effectiveness, especially considering the fact that tutoring is highly unregulated.

Last year, Global News reported that 60% more Toronto student have tutors since 2008. Considering the high volume of students in Toronto schools, it makes sense that parents are trying to supplement the lack of teacher/student interaction with weekly tutoring sessions. With such a large number of teachers and so few teaching jobs in Ontario, many of these tutors are not necessarily part time workers, but actually certified teachers, who have been unable to find a job in the province.

Do you think tutoring helps improve a student’s readiness for college or university?

Source: Globe and Mail