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Montreal Scientists Make a Breakthrough in Understanding an Important Protein

14 AUG 2015
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McGill University recently reported that its scientists at that the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital have made a breakthrough in understanding the protein Netrin1. This protein is also sometimes referred to as the “marriage-broker” protein, since it helps bring cells together and maintains their healthy relationships.

Netrin1 plays a particularly important role in:

  • directing cell migration
  • the growth of human organisms
  • the formation of cell circuits

During the study, scientists created a mouse embryo model that allows for the Neutrin1 protein to be completely removed. This model will enable scientists to remove the protein from certain cells and identify the results of a Netrin1 deficiency.

What Does This Breakthrough Mean?

This breakthrough creates plenty of opportunities to develop new therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, Dr. Timothy Kennedy, a researcher at The Neuro, states; “the same technique used to delete Netrin1 can also be used to increase Netrin1 expression. If we properly manipulate Netrin1 expression in the adult brain, we might be able to maintain a function that was going to degenerate or recover an already degenerated function.”


Source: McGill University