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A Mississippi School Has Found a Way to Make Learning Math Fun

23 SEP 2015
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Carrie Hammond-Walker, the principal of J.E. Johnson Elementary School in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi, created a game called Fact Dash back when she was a third-grade teacher at the school. Hammond-Walker created this particular game as a way to help teach math to her students who had been struggling with the subject.

In an interview with Business Insider, Hammond-Walker said: “In our building at 2:15 it turns into a math fact frenzy all over the school from kindergarten through sixth grade.”

How Does “Fact Dash” Work?

At a set time each day, students from opposing classrooms line up side-by-side to compete with each other while teachers use flash cards to quiz them on basic math questions. The first student to answer the question correctly heads to the back of the line, and the student who answered incorrectly is out of the game.

Teachers are required to keep track of the classrooms that have won the most Fact Dash games, and once each month, the school hosts a recognition ceremony called a “Blast Ceremony.” During the “Blast Ceremony,” the students and classes with the most Fact Dash winnings earn recognition. Additionally, a “Blast Party” is awarded to the class with the most winnings each month, where a DJ and snacks are supplied.

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Source: Business Insider