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Michelle Obama Travels to East Asia to Promote Girls’ Education

19 MAR 2015
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Fans of the First Lady know that one of her primary platforms is the promotion of girls’ education. Michelle Obama recently left the U.S. for an East-Asian trip which includes destinations like Japan and Cambodia, all in an effort to promote schools, students and teachers overseas.

Michelle Obama’s close devotion to girls’ learning is a result of her own experiences with education. She has noted that all of her success in life is a result of the excellent education she was able to receive in her youth.

Her goals for visiting Japan are to help promote more funding for girls’ education in developing nations, including places like Cambodia—one of the poorest countries in East and Southeast Asia. Japan has already unveiled their plans to participate in Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative, in cooperation with the Peace Corps.

In Cambodia, Michelle Obama plans to meet with the first lady , students and education volunteers to witness community programs already active in the country which promote girls’ education.

Source: CTV News