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Michelle Obama in Europe to Promote Girls’ Education

18 JUN 2015
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Michelle Obama, and her two daughters Sasha and Malia, are spending the week in Europe to promote the campaign “Let Girls Learn.”

Obama began the campaign several years ago, as an answer to the 62 million young girls around the world who do not have access to education. Since arriving in England, Michelle and her daughters have made appearances so far in London and Milan, on what is planned to be a 7-day European tour.

In London, Obama visited a predominantly Muslim all-girls’ school, where she spoke of the hardships and prejudice women wearing headscarves face in today’s world. The Mulberry School girls live in an area that faces inequality and poverty, but despite this, the girls have performed higher than average on standardized tests. She encouraged the girls to continue on their journey towards bettering the world through education.

While in London, Michelle Obama also discussed a new UK-US mission to bring Let Girls Learn to countries like Sierra Leone, Congo and Liberia.

In Italy, Obama plans to promote her initiatives to improve healthy eating habits in young people. She has already been photographed taking cooking classes with a group of students.

Source: BBC News