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McMaster’s LIVELab Tracks the Brain Electricity of Musicians and Audience Members

16 FEB 2015
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McMaster University recently unveiled their newest $8 million investment: The LIVE (Large Interactive Virtual Environment) Lab. This concert hall is suspiciously normal – but comes to life when musicians play their instruments and their brain activity is displayed in a motion capture graphic behind them. Musicians and audience members are fitted with sensors which record their brain activity, heart rate and breathing into order to obtain data about how music affects humans.

Dr. Trainor, director of the LIVELab has said that the main purpose of the lab is to determine the physical, emotion and social function of music in our lives.

Since its release, the LIVELab has garnered attention from investors outside of academia. Parkinson’s researchers are interested in using the lab to see how their patients react to music therapy, while another company wishes to use the lab to test hearing aids.

You can check out the LIVELab here.

How else do you think the LIVELab can be used for research?

Source: University Affairs