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New MBA Streams Offered by Canadian Universities

4 SEP 2014
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With the increasing demand for qualified employees in different sectors of healthcare, finance and marketing, MBA programs have begun offering specialization in new streams of management.

Queen’s School of Business is one of the recent MBA schools to launch new streams, such as healthcare administration. Specialization in healthcare management is a gateway for students who wish to be involved in the international health scene, with career prospects including pandemic planning and health and safety consulting.

Other Canadian business schools are also heading this direction. Schulich School of Business in Toronto offers twenty MBA streams, including non-profit management, health industry management and arts and media management.

The increase in different MBA streams stems from the demand for recent graduates entering the workforce to have thorough understanding of specific sectors of business. It is the prospect that in focusing their MBA, students will be even more prepared to begin their management careers.

What MBA streams do you think will make an impact on global business administration?

Source: National Post