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MBA Programs Choosing an Interdisciplinary Approach

16 SEP 2014
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MBA Programs Have Interdisciplinary approach

As a previous article we published touched on, certain MBA programs have recently begun introducing specializations such as healthcare management, in an effort to meet the demands of expanding managerial roles. Today instead of new programs, some MBA schools have decided to weave multiple disciplines right into their core courses in order to enhance student skill sets. This may involve cross-disciplinary projects with other institutions, cross-pollinating between faculties or working with international students.

The John Molson School of Business at Concordia University has just completed a pilot program on surgical innovation, where MBA students, surgical students and engineering students worked together to develop a medical device. Cross-disciplinary education in business is excellent preparation for real-world scenarios where businesses may work on a global scale with a variety of different types of companies.

Today, there are many well-known business schools which have included interdisciplinary courses, including the Molson School of Business, McGill University and the Telfer School of Management at OttawaU.

How will interdisciplinary learning help your business pursuits?

Source: National Post