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Mark Zuckerberg Launches His Own Book Club

9 JAN 2015
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It seems everything Mark Zuckerberg touches turns to gold. Since the young entrepreneur started Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard, the website has gone on to reach 1.3 billion users as of mid-2014.

Although his position him surrounded by social media and technology everyday (Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp), Mark Zuckerberg has begun an initiative to encourage Facebook fans to add a little more reading to their daily lives. Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution this year is to read one book every 2 weeks, adding up to a total 26 books per year. He has encouraged his followers on Facebook to join in on the discussion of the books and even post suggestions.

Zuckerberg’s first choice of book for 2015 was “The End of Power” by Moisés Naím – an insight into the current downfall of the ruling power of politicians, religious leaders and corporations. If you’d like to see what Mark Zuckerberg is reading, check out his Facebook page. Hopefully more book clubs like Zuckerberg’s can harness an increased love of reading. Oprah Winfrey ran a book club on her show called Oprah’s Book Club, which totaled 70 books over 15 years, and made almost every book on the list an instant bestseller. Zuckerberg’s first suggestion the End of Power has already sold out on Amazon.

Source: Education News