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“Making Ghanaian Girls Great” Program to Improve Female Education in Ghana

12 SEP 2014
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High pressure to marry early and a lack of focus on female education has hindered the learning potential for young girls in Ghana. Education in rural areas specifically suffers from absenteeism of teachers, due to weather and road conditions. To combat the lack of teachers, young girls in Ghana are now learning from a live TV stream.

Making Ghanaian Girls Great is a 2-year pilot project, created to improve the access to education in rural areas of Ghana for girls. Lessons work through a projector, which broadcasts a live televised lesson from the capital city Accra, with math and English a focus of these lessons. The class will end with an after-school series where a female role model will be interviewed and the children given the opportunity to ask her questions.

Schools have been installed with solar panels for energy, a computer and a projector system. A webcam captures the image of the kids, which then can be seen by other schools participating in the program. Girls in Ghana have historically struggled with the prejudices that a female’s role is to bear children. As young girls are becoming more exposed to globalization, they see things like YouTube and are frustrated that this is not available to them. Making Ghanaian Girls Great aims to give girls access to do and be anything they want, and this can only be achieved through education.

Source: BBC News