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Lost Interest in Reading? This Video Will Change That.

15 OCT 2014
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Mac Barnett is a children’s author and a supporter of all things imaginary. Living in Berkeley, California, Barnett has been writing children’s stories since 2009 and has already won several awards for children’s literature.

Romantic poets and writers such as William Blake, were fascinated with the idea that imagination comes differently to children than it does to adults. As a child, we see life as it should be, rather than how it is. Innocence keeps our minds from making rash judgements and allows us to be open to any idea. This is why Barnett loves writing for children. In his TEDTalk, we hear the phone calls from one of his most loyal readers, to a whale character which appears in his book “Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem”. Barnett says children such as this, who do not need to suspend their disbelief, who will be immersed in the story world so completely, are the best kind of readers.

As an adult, it can be hard to immerse ourselves in the storybook world, especially when all the writing we see around us is fact—like the news, or work. As adults, we have lost our childlike innocence by being exposed to harsh reality. Children’s books are a way for children to explore their innocent freedom and expand their minds. It is not impossible for adults to get that same childlike innocence back: it returns when we are fully immersed in a good story.