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Libraries Suffer (Once Again) in the Face of Budget Cuts

27 AUG 2014
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Libraries Suffer in the Face of Budget Cuts

Libraries Suffer in the Face of Budget Cuts

Last week Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc made a comment that in the face of budget cuts, there will be no need to give money to libraries for books. According to Bolduc, libraries already have a sufficient amount of books.

“Our libraries are already well-equipped. Go in the schools. There are books… books that were bought last year, two years ago, 20 years ago.”

This seems strangely reminiscent of two years back, when Toronto mayor Rob Ford proposed cuts to the city’s 98 library branches. While 20 year old books may sound perfectly satisfactory to Mr. Bolduc, students know the reality that books this age—and older, are the majority in libraries. Older books have unsurprisingly deteriorated in the hands of hundreds of students and require replacement.

Meanwhile, students in universities struggle to find research information that is within the past few years, even the past decade. While books hold valuable information, it is not unusual for students to now skip the library altogether and try their luck online, limiting their sources and the potential of their education. If the trend within the past few years is cutting library budgets, what should be expected in the next ten years?

How do you feel about the state of Canadian libraries?

Source: cbc